California Comic Convention

The California Comic Convention is returning for its 7th year to the Yorba Linda Community Center in Orange County, CA on Sunday, January 27, 2013. This is a one-day event with a focus on vintage comics and comic book art. Dozens of dealers from across the U.S. will offer a large selection of items sought-after by collectors and investors.

Our scheduled guest artists Rudy Nebres and Barry Kitson will sketch and sign during the show. CGC will be available to take attendees’ submissions and to witness the original signatures of our guest artists. In addition, we will raffle dozens of valuable items throughout the day including CGC graded comics, original comic book pages, guest artist sketches.

Date and Time

January 27, 2013 (Sunday)
9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Yorba Linda Community Center
4501 Casa Loma Ave.
Yorba Linda CA 92886

Parking is free!


Admission $10

Advance ticket purchases are available online at :

Special Guest Artists

Rudy Nebres - Born in the Philippines where he met some DC editors and eventually moved to U.S. to work for DC on Tales of the Unexpected and other minor titles. Later he found more success at Marvel working on titles like Conan, Kull, Dr. Strange and the over sized black and white comic book Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. Since his early success he has also worked with Neal Adams at Continuity Comics and on the Cross Gen line among others.

Barry Kitson - British comics artist best known as a penciler of major superhero comic books published by Marvel and DC. His first professional work was Spider-Man for Marvel UK. He also drew many stories for 2000 AD. His first work for DC Comics was a Batgirl special issue. In 2004, Kitson helped relaunch Legion of Superheroes for DC Comics. Kitson signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics in 2007 working on such titles as The Order, Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four, and The Amazing Spider-Man, More recently, he worked on Incredible Hulk, an Iron Man miniseries and two issues of Fantastic Four.

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