Illusionist Ron Fitzgerald To Play The Vampire In DRACULA'S ORGY OF THE DAMNED

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: James Back / Avery Guerra

As you probably remember from last week, I reported that Chicago area film maker James Baack had opted not to go with his "Nuns with jet packs fighting monsters" film, "The Sisters of St.Tommy Gun" as his fallow-up to "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot" deciding instead to forward with a tribute to classic Hammer horror films entitled "Dracula's Orgy of the Damned."

At that time Baack reveled many of his casting choices, namely his lovely leading ladies, sisters Cassandra and Colleen Carajval, but he failed to mention who exactly would be playing Dracula in the film.

Realising his fopa, Baack was quick to shoot us an email announcing that he been able to entice master illusionist Ron Fitzgerald to play his vampire.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Fitzgerald, here is his bio provided by Baack:

Master Ron Fitzgerald is an Actor, Gothic Illusionist and Host for strange, dark fun! Fitzgerald has performed from Hollywood to Hong Kong with his wicked and weird style of Illusion in his live show "Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic", which includes Ron eating razor blades! He is the only illusionist edgy enough to close the second stage at Lollapalooza. Fitzgerald has appeared as an actor in the feature films "The Item", "The Thirsting", "Blood Gnome", "MAGUS" and others, with more on the way. Ron is the voice of the creature in the upcoming Horror movie "Contagion". He has been a host at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, In The Dark Burlesque and Chad Savage's Zombie Pin Ups as well as other productions including his own cable TV show. One thing is for sure, Fitzgerald is so much freaky fun, he'll leave you screaming for more!

Web Site:

I have to say that this is a great casting choice by Baack, Ron Fitzgerald certainly has that "Nosferatu" (Max Schreck) quality about him that should translate into a great vampire character.

True to his word, Baack has shipped us the first two teaser posters from "Dracula's Orgy of the Damned" along with some shots from the first night of filming, which took place earlier this week.

Look for more updates soon, as you very well know, once Baack starts filming he is all about keeping the fans abreast of whats going on set wise.

Here are the pics (check out the great castle location Baack was able to film at!):

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  1. Photo credid on Ron Fitzgerald's photo goes to Jim Sorfleet/Sns Photo.

  2. Ron Fitzgerald is an amazing actor and has a wild personality. I can't wait to see him in this movie.


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