The Crypto Reporter - Monster Sightings From Around The World (Issue #2)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Various

North Carolina Bigfoot: Spotted 32 Years Ago
Ghost Theory

Cleveland County, N.C., residet, Rick Lunsford, contacted the BFRO when he heard about the recent Bigfoot sightings near the Burke County area. Lunsford’s story took place 32 years ago and he still stands by his word that what he saw was in fact the “famous furry fellow”.

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The Worm: 'Strange Days,' sightings from NCW
The Wenatchee World Online

“Strange Days” search: In NCW, you’re probably more likely to encounter a Sasquatch than a celebrity. Now Paul Graves of Wenatchee has done both.

Standup comic and former “Full House” star Bob Saget embarks on a new TV project with his A&E reality show “Strange Days,” due to premiere on the cable channel sometime this year. The show features Saget immersing himself in “different unusual cultures from the world of mail-order brides to joining a survivalist cult prepping for the end of the world to rushing a fraternity,” according to A&E.

Q: What does this guy have in common with the guy below? A: Mysterious, unconfirmable sightings in NCW.

Among the show’s early expeditions was a three-day Olympic Peninsula quest for Sasquatch, led in part by Wenatchee artist, musician and cryptid-hunter Graves, 49. He’s long been associated with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a private group that seeks out evidence of the mysterious woodland humanoids (called “Choanito,” or “Night People,” by the Wenatchi Indians).

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The True Stories Behind Animal Myths and Monsters
Paw Nation

We've all heard the rumors of mythical or beastly creatures roaming the planet. From unicorns to Bigfoot, nearly every culture on Earth has its legendary monsters, and many of these have persisted into modern times, most often as tourist attractions (see: Loch Ness Monster, Jackolopes).

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Film Threat

Back in the 1970s, there was a sudden groundswell of interest in unexplained phenomena and historical conspiracy theories. Movies, magazines and books were devoted to such diverse oddities as UFOs, cryptozoology, revisionist theories and anything that challenged the placidity of the too-easy-to-explain world.

In 1973, television caught this wacky vibe with the broadcast of “In Search of Ancient Astronauts.” This film was a truncated version of an unreleased 1970 German documentary based on Erich Von Daniken’s controversial book “Chariots of the Gods?”, and it put forward a straight-faced argument (courtesy of a Rod Serling narration) that extra-terrestrials may have played a role in creating the glorious engineering feats of ancient Egypt and the Mayan and Aztec kingdoms. The broadcast was a ratings success – the full-length German film of “Chariots of the Gods?” wound up being dubbed with a new English soundtrack and theatrically released in the U.S. a year later – and a sequel called “In Search of Ancient Civilizations” was aired in 1975, with Serling returning as the narrator.

Alan Landsburg Productions, the company behind the two films, decided that it could spin a weekly TV series based on the concept of exploring weird mysteries of science and history. For the era, this was fairly daring – no serious news show or educational television channel would dare to wade in these waters.

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Validating Big Foot Intrepid researcher looks high and low for allusive hominoid
Humboldt Beacon

Eight months ago in January, the Humboldt Beacon reported on Big Foot researcher William Barnes of Nevada City who unveiled plans for bringing a research team to Humboldt County last month in July to look for and document the controversial creature.

Calling this major undertaking the Falcon Project, Barnes explained that it took him close to 12-years to develop his unique and sophisticated method of recording the creature in its natural habitat. Adding that he's the first in history to utilize remote-controlled blimps with on-board thermal imaging cameras and high-tech audio equipment, Barnes hopes to capture graphic or sound imprints of the allusive animal in a documentary film format. And whether or not the Falcon Project reaches its ultimate goal of substantiating Bigfoot, the film will serve as a historical record for future generations of researchers.

Talking to Barnes at his Nevada City home, the researcher said that it's time to discard the old Bigfoot name and to go with a more scientific designation. “That term has become over-commercialised, and based on what we've been able to gather, it's probably more correct to call it a native American ape/hominoid.”

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Argentina: Ranchers Kill “Fanged Humanoid”
Ghost Theory

The report on Argentinean newspaper, El Tribuno, talks about a strange humanoid creature being killed by ranchers in the area of El Creston. The ranchers thought it could have been a local predator stalking their cattle, but once they had shot and killed it, they noticed that this was something else. Something out of this world.

According to the ranchers, the creature was covered in hair and had fingers and toes. Most distinguishable were the two protruding incisors that this creature had. The ranchers claim to have cut the head off and thrown the body down a canyon. In efforts of trying to ditch a possible attack by more of these creatures.

Bizarre story….bizarre images.

Looks to me like a possible escaped monkey was shot by the ranchers. Then again I would like to think that these ranchers could tell the difference between and monkey and their claims of it being a ‘goblin’

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Preparing for Hungry Ghost Month
Manila Standard Today

Charms & Crystal’s Joy Lim, one of the country’s most popular feng shui experts, explains according to legend, the gates of hell are flung open during Hungry Ghost Month (which begins today this year) and the spirits of the underworld are let loose to party and cause mischief.

The Chinese burn ritual money and incense to appease these ghosts and outdoor festivals and barbeque parties spring up in Chinese communities around the world.

“This is not a good time to begin new projects, start construction, get married or begin a new business. This is a time for being cautious and prudent,” Lim explains.

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Fact or Fiction? Giant Spiders in Africa...and USA

research has been conducted into the J’Ba FoFi (Giant Spider) in the Congo, said to have a leg span of five feet across. Records of this monster have been documented in African Folklore for centuries, however further studies have unearthed encounters with westerners and, according to one, this creature has also been spotted in the United States of America.

New research by Terrence Aym* has documented tales from African folklore, of a species of giant spider living in the Congo, Uganda and Central Africa in densely forested areas. More than this, he has uncovered testimonies from Western travellers in the area, who confirm the reports of a monster spider with a leg span of five feet across.

Terrence Aym’s piece in his site tells of massive spiders living in forests near African villages, with webs stretched across pathways and trip-wires to ensnare passers-by, including humans, who are then pounced upon and injected with venom by the creatures’s fangs.

Aym’s research shows these monster arachnids are more than flights of fantasy in African folklore: there are documented encounters with explorers. Cryptozoologist George Eberhart writes of an encounter between a British couple and the J’Ba FoFi in 1938, when what they thought to be a cat or a monkey crossing the path in front of them turned out to be a giant spider three feet across.

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