Steven Spielberg Heads Down Under To Shoot TERRA NOVA

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: WENN

Last February Fox had announced that they had acquired the rights to the prehistoric adventure television series "Terra Nova" from writers Craig Silverstein and Kelly Marcel after the duo had failed to sell the series in the UK and to CBS. Apparently the network was so enamoured with the idea of a 'time travel' show that featured dinosaurs that that they quite literally snatched the program up before the rival network could even begin negotiations, and immediately hired Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin to develop it.

Since that time Spielberg and company have been busy putting all the pieces together to start work on the series, and now Fox has announced that the production team is gearing up to head to south-east Queensland in Australia to begin shooting.

Jim Sharp,the vice president of production at Fox,explains, "Queensland had the right look, climate and terrain, a vibrant production community and attractive economic incentives. We are very excited to be shooting our first production there."

It is quite obvious that the remote areas of Australia would be ideal for a location shoot of this type for two reasons. One, the area is already 'primeval' enough on it's own, virtually untouched by man, and two, filming in Australia is way cheaper than filming in either the United States or Canada. With the estimated budget for the show already weighing in at a hefty $4-million-per-episode, any cost cutting move would be more than welcome I'm sure.

Reportedly "Terra Nova," will follow the exploits of a family from 100 years in the future, that travels back in time to the age of dinosaurs.

Think of it as a modern "Land of the Lost" or "Valley of the Dinosaurs".

Rumor has it that actor Jason O'Mara ("Life on Mars", "Grey's Anatomy") has been cast as the shows lead.

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