UFO Earth Base - Tracking Strange Aerial Phenomenon (8th Issue)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Various

NT's latest UFO sighting at the Doo‎

A SOUTHERN UFO-logist has finally seen his first UFO after 30 years of searching - and he had to come to the Northern Territory for the "ominous" experience.

Erik Black has been interested in UFOs since he was a child, but the 49-year-old from Brisbane had only heard stories, read books and watched movies about Unidentified Flying Objects in the sky, without ever getting to see "a real one" himself - until 2010 election night.

"I have been researching UFOs for almost all my life and every time I came to the Territory for holidays I read a UFO story in the newspaper, so I thought the NT was the place to be.

"I got in touch with UFO-spotter Alan Ferguson and he gave me a few places to go and have a look."

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Speaker to Reveal Mainstream Media Suppression of Only Proven UFO Contactee
PR Web (press release)

With the sudden surge of interest in UFOs, are the government and media deliberately suppressing the one case that would blow the cover-up wide open? Michael Horn], the U.S. spokesman for Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier, will present supporting evidence for that theory in two upcoming public appearances.

According to Horn, the whole UFO topic has been turned into little more than entertainment with the media comfortably promoting only anecdotal and inconclusive evidence. "The fact is that while there has been some actual extraterrestrial UFO activity in the past, most sightings are either secret military craft or explained by natural causes. The clear exception, the Meier case, has been the one cause of concern for the CIA and other intelligence agencies for over 35 years. The 21 documented assassination attempts on Meier's life show that someone's been taking it very seriously."

Horn thinks that the governmental powers that be are glad to see people chase what he calls "lights in the sky" but want to make sure that Meier's documented, advance knowledge of hundreds of important scientific discoveries, from black holes, dark matter, water on Mars, to the deadly threat of the Apophis asteroid, don't get their attention.

When asked why they would want to cover up such ironclad evidence, Horn said, "They believe that Meier's proof of still ongoing extraterrestrial contact would overturn our religions, even stop wars and reinforce the oneness of, and need for peace between, all peoples on Earth. They also fear that it would destabilize society to admit that advanced, space traveling human beings operate freely without any terrestrial control. But the Plejaren extraterrestrials emphasize that we, the people of Earth, are the biggest enemies to our own future survival...and they're trying to help us to avoid self-destruction."

Horn feels that those who could have made a real difference failed to do so. "There's no shortage of so-called 'UFO experts', authors and others who've jumped on the UFO bandwagon despite not having any real extraterrestrial related evidence. And they avoid the Meier case for one simple reason - they can't make a profit from it. So they don't mention Meier's contacts in their media appearances, preventing people from benefiting from the information. Those who are most vocal about 'ending the UFO cover-up' are, ironically, most actively perpetuating it because, like the media, they see Meier as...bad for business."

Horn - who says he has personal proof the ET contacts are authentic - claims there's another reason why the Meier case is strictly off limits. "The media and the powers that be know that if people realize just how badly they've been lied to about things like the coming worldwide consequences of the BP Gulf disaster, the anger and frustration could really boil over.

"But they've overlooked one important thing. The internet revolution cannot be undone and now each person who comes upon the Meier information can 'publish', text and tweet it freely and wake up countless others. Initially it's a slow process but it will ultimately overwhelm the media suppression and, in time, the truth will prevail."

Michael Horn will be appearing at the:

ASPE Symposium September 9 - 12, 2010
Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo October 15 - 17, 2010

Author appeals for witnesses to 1976 Cutteslowe UFO‎
Banbury Cake

AN AUTHOR of a book about UFOs has made an appeal for witnesses to a sighting over an Oxford school nearly 40 years ago.

According to a former pupil at Cutteslowe Primary School, a mystery object was spotted over the playing field during one lunchtime in the summer of 1976.

The woman, who now lives in Swindon, was six-years-old at the time of the incident, and although she does not wish to be identified, she is hoping other pupils will come forward to back her story from that day.

John Hanson, a retired CID Officer with West Midlands Police, has just written his first book on UFOs called Haunted Skies Volume 1 and was contacted by the woman named Zoe who is now in her 40s.

The 64-year-old based in the Midlands said: “A lot of people who sight UFOs don’t want to be identified because of fear of ridicule.

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Are UFOs real? Maybe, says historian‎
Catskill Daily Mail

We may not be able to identify unidentified flying objects, but that doesn’t mean they’re not real. That was the gist of a talk by historian John Horner Saturday at Kinderhook Memorial Library.

“I believe they’re real,” he said. “There’s a strong body of evidence. I don’t buy the extraterrestrial hypothesis. I believe they are as yet unknown phenomena.”

Horner led an overflowing audience through the history of sightings in the U.S., beginning with the first major sighting in 1896 in San Francisco. Since there were no airplanes at that time, the Sacramento Bee used nautical or railroad terms to describe it, like “air brakes,” “boat-shaped hull” or “steam-powered,” referring to the most technologically sophisticated vehicles of the day.

Reports of early sightings often described the occupant of the vessel as a “lone inventor,” a description that reflects figures like Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton and Thomas Edison. “It was believable to the people at the time,” Horner said. “We have a strong belief in technology and industry. The fact that it occurred in the U.S. made it more believable.”

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Highly credible UFO video from Japan surfaces‎

Perhaps due to the fact that more people are carrying better quality camera phones or perhaps because visiting aliens are becoming more bold in terms of interacting with humanity as possible open alien contact draws nearer, the quality of new UFO footage over the last months has been better than ever.

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1979: St. Clair Shores, Michigan, mother encounters aliens‎

A St. Clair Shores, Michigan woman's 1979 encounter with "odd flashing lights" and small beings on the ground is recalled by her son in an August 28, 2010, report, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The woman was walking her dog as usual near a local ball field, but soon watched "odd lights all different colors flashing on the ground."

The woman then saw what at first appeared to be small children, but they did not look like "normal kids," and instead spoke to her telepathically.

St. Clair Shores is in Macomb County, Michigan, part of the metro Detroit area, population today is approximately 63,096

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Dying soldier admits seeing ET from Roswell UFO crash‎

Ex-Soldier Paul Epley, of North Carolina, is 80 years old, fighting cancer and wants to get a few things off his conscience.

One of the things he wants to come clean about is that he saw a live alien that survived the UFO crash in Roswell while he was serving his country.

In the summer of 1950, Paul was in the U.S. Army and stationed at Camp Wallace on the James River in Virginia. One day, for reasons he no longer remembers, he travelled to Camp Perry near Williamsburg, Virginia. While there, he recognized an MP guarding a bunker as they had served abroad together.

“I went down and asked him what he was guarding,” says Paul, “and he said I can’t show you. So I kept talking to him and he said, ‘All right, I’ll give you a brief look at it.’ So he opened the door.” The door was opened and just 15 to 20 feet from him was an ET standing in a small cage with a base that was only three to four feet square. The ET was about 4 ½ feet tall and only wearing briefs.

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Smoking gun UFO video from Turkey surfaces‎

The incredible UFO video below was filmed around a month ago in Turkey in the south of the country on the Mediterranean coast.

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Incredible UFO footage from Norway captured‎

A reader has sent us this astonishing footage (see below) of a UFO sighting that occurred in the northern region of the Scandinavian nation of Norway only two weeks ago on 13 August.This footage is bound to go down as containing some of the clearest images of a UFO ever captured and took place in the area where last year's spiral UFO was seen.

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The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon- in Yuma?

An award winning documentary, 'Phoenix Lights' examines the mid to late 1990's sightings of mysterious lights that thousands of witnesses reported passing over Phoenix, Arizona.

At one point the lights were 'hovering' in place near this desert city's Sky Harbor Airport. Air traffic controllers confirmed seeing them, though the lights failed to show up on radar.

They were witnessed by so many people, that it is virtually impossible that something wasn't in the sky, but what was it and what was their reason for being here?

The reason I am writing this, is because I believe this phenomena also visited the Yuma, Arizona area, and a point in between Yuma and Phoenix.

I recall two distinct, very similar sightings of lights, that were spotted once near Gila Bend, Arizona, by my wife Bonnie King and myself.

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