Fred Olen Ray Jumps Into The Bigfoot Movie Craze With "Sasquatch vs Chupacabra"

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Fred Olen Ray / Avery Guerra

Okay, enough with the Bigfoot movies!

Do you know how many Bigfoot related horror movies are in production right now? Six....well seven, including this one, that I can think of.

Let's recap. There's "Savage", "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot", "Trailer Park Geocachers Meet Bigfoot", "The Shrieking", "The Legend of Grassman", and "Boggy Creek".

Now the dynamic film making duo of Fred and Kimberly Ray are joining the frey with "Sasquatch vs Chupacabra", which, surprisingly, is a monster-on-monster battle film no one else thought of first.

If there are two types of 'trendy' films in the independent horror movie biz these days, they are "Bigfoot" movies, and "versus" movies, and the Ray's have figured out how to combine them both together in one neat little package.

Two of cryptozoology's greatest stars, going at it toe-to-toe.

Like I said before, I'm surprised somebody hadn't come up with the idea a long time ago?

So far, there isn't any news on a cast or plot, but Ray promises to keep us updated.

I would like to take this time to announce my very own line of films, before anyone else thinks of them, "Yeti vs The Loch Ness Monster", "Champ vs Ogopogo" and "Skunk Ape of the Bermuda Triangle."

I'm planning on getting right to those after I'm finished with "The Jersey Devil x Mothman x Yowie: Tokyo S.O.S.", which Isn't as much a horror film as a romantic comedy.

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  1. actually I came up with this already....I also have Bigfoot Vs. Aliens where some Aliens abduct Bigfoot, he gets loose on the ship and the two go head to head.
    I also have in the works Bigfoot vs Loch Ness, Chupacbra, Cthulhu and Jersey Devil. I even created a website to feature these movies. It will however be in all CG.


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