If You Spot A UFO Don't Contact Your Air Force Recruiter

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Myrtle Beach Online

A man left a string of messages on a Myrtle Beach Air Force recruiting offices answering machine on Christmas Day to report that he had seen a UFO and its extraterrestrial occupants. The caller, who identified himself as the son of a US Army tank commander, said he was trying to reach the "Air Force UFO Division".

On Monday a female recruitment officer discovered the numerous messages and contacted the Myrtle Beach police, who in turn contacted the man and instructed him not to harass the office anymore.

The police report on the incident noted that the caller sounded confused and somewhat incoherent on the recorded messages.

This is a lesson that everyone should learn. If you are mentally unstable or you have had a few, and you think that you are seeing something weird, then you should probably just go to bed and get some sleep. If you really have to tell someone, then contact your nearest Air Force base and ask for the people in charge of "Project Blue Book." If that doesn't work then contact the FBI and ask for agents Mulder or Scully.

Stuff like this really hampers genuine UFO research.

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  1. Better advice still: if you spot something alien in the skies (or even on the ground) call the authorities and tell them you have seen a possible terrorist rocket - guaranteed to get you instant, thorough and earnest top-level attention.

  2. Indeed that would be a great way to get the governments attention. Probably a couple of new pages for you FBI file and a nice stay in jail would be in the mix as well.

    Really, if you do see a UFO or something odd, contact your local police. They in turn will contact the FAA or Air Force if the situation warrents it.


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