Bigfoot Caught On Trap Camera In Minnesota......Maybe?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Star Tribune / Minneapolis

If you are a big fan of shows like "Monster Quest" and "Destination Truth" then you have probably seen a motion sensor trap camera before. It's a camera that can be strapped to a tree, that takes a photograph if anything movies in front of it.

Over the past few years, monster hunters, and nature lovers, have been setting things up all over the place hoping that something like a Sasquatch, Chupacabra or some other form of rare fauna will wonder in front of one and get it's picture taken.

Well, it looks like a man in Minnesota has managed to do what Josh Gates, so far, has been unable to do. Have Bigfoot walk in front of the camera.

On the rainy night of October 24th, at 7:20 pm (the camera puts a time a date stamp on all photos) a seven-foot-tall upright walking creature, or possibly someone in a costume, was caught on film by a camera set up by 55-year-old Tim Kedrowski near Leech Lake (Minn).

"We were sure it wasn't a bear and wasn't someone pulling a scam on us," Kedrowski said. "We thought it might be a bow hunter out looking for a wounded deer, that's the only reason anyone would be out there in the dark that time of night."

Indeed the object in the photograph looks a lot like Bigfoot, but one can't rule out a hunter in some sort of dark one piece rain gear.

Though if it is a hunter, it would have to be a stupid one. Generally they wear some sort of reflective gear at night so they aren't mistaken for animals.

Kedrowski, unsure of just what he captured with his camera, submitted the photo to Don Sherman and Bob Olson, of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

Their conclusion? According to Sherman the figure seems to resemble another alleged Bigfoot photo taken in California a few years back, stating that, "the features were identical."

Since Kedrowski didn't find any tracks in the mud, we only have the photograph to go by.

Now, in my opinion, and I have seen one of these animals with my own eyes, the stride looks a little too human. Nothing like what I saw bound into the Arizona forest.

Then again, its hard to gauge any of that from one frame of still photography.

If Kedrowski's estimate of a seven foot height is correct, and he does know the area, so he should be able to make a good measurement, then this could be the real deal...............maybe.

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  1. Sure looks like a guy in a snow suit to me.

  2. Hey Ken,

    The edges of the limbs look much to straight to me to be natural. There's absolutely no sense of muscle anywhere on the figure. I'm calling it a hoax.

  3. Probably a poacher, looks too much like a man in some kind of winter gear.


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