Bettie Page Queen of Pin-Ups Naughty Bettie Bust - Free Shipping

Bettie Page Queen of Pin-Ups Naughty Bettie Bust

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Have you been naughty? Would you like to be?
Presenting the Queen of Pin-Ups - Betty Page!
Saucy 7/1/2-inch tall bust features a remarkable likeness.

Sensual. Sexy. Erotic. Playmate. These are just a few names used to describe the "Queen of Pin-Ups"… the one-and-only… Bettie Page! This saucy Bettie Page Queen of Pin-Ups Naughty Bettie Bust features a remarkable likeness and measures about 7 1/2-inches tall. Add the "Girl with the Perfect Figure" to your collection today!

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