UFO Earth Base - Tracking Strange Aerial Phenomenon (1st Issue)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Various

Can you identify this UFO?
Bournemouth Echo

CAN you identify this flying object spotted over Bournemouth yesterday?

Reader Joe Weil saw it in the skies above Parley Manor. He says: "This object was in the sky for more than four hours.

"Although it moved up and down the object never changed position in every photo so it could not have been a balloon or any other object flying on a cord.

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UFOs: China researcher sees a pattern, predicts more sightings
Tucson Citizen

China has been the location of 8 UFO sightings over the last couple of months. One of the sightings caused the Xiaoshan Airport to be shut down for an hour on July 7th.

Some UFOs were since identified as normal earthly objects. Others remain unidentified.

If we think that the people of China have had their fair share of major sightings, we haven’t seen anything yet, according to a researcher in China.

Professor Wang of the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has a theory about UFO sightings. He thinks that China could bear witness even more UFO sightings over the next two years.

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MoD files on UFO expert 'blocked'

The documents will not be published because they contain personal material, the Information Commissioner’s Office said, upholding the MoD’s first refusal three years ago.

Fellow UFO researcher David Clarke, who made the initial Freedom of Information request in 2007, insisted there was a ‘clear public interest’ in the documents being made public.

But the ICO said in its ruling that ‘the commissioner does not believe that release of the information concerned would further the legitimate public interest in any significant way’.

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Answer Man: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ...

Dear Answer Man, have you been able to find anything out about something that was flying in the sky at midnight a week ago Sunday? — Paula

OK, I've had about a half-dozen notes from readers who insist that there was something in the sky — call it a UFO, if you like — over southeastern Minnesota the night of July 18. I've checked with amateur astronomers and pros like our own Mike Lynch, who writes the Starwatch column that appears in the P-B every Monday, and I can't find anyone who's familiar with these reports.

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Infamous 'Face on Mars' gets a major makeover

Back in the 1970s with the Viking Program, NASA cameras captured an image that led many UFO/alien enthusiasts to believe that an advanced civilization once flourished on the planet Mars: a giant "face" sculpted out of the planet's surface.

Needless to say, in the mid 1970s, the era of Watergate and Vietnam, trust in government was at a very low point. So, when NASA scientists stated that the "face" was merely an illusion caused by the angle of light shining on a natural formation, many people refused to buy it, especially considering the "pyramids" situated around the face in a region called Cydonia.

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Massive UFO Reported At Malaysian Resort

According to Malaysian English language daily The Star, a large, blue disk may have been seen hovering within sight of Tuaran Beach Resort near Kota Kinabalu, capital city of the Malaysian state of Sabah on the South China Sea.

The daytime sighting, which took place July 18 and lasted only a few minutes, seems to have generated only one photo, albeit a rather impressive one, reportedly because the cell phones of most of the hotel's guests and staff who tried to photograph the object “went dead.”

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Morphing UFO emitting orbs above the Netherlands puzzles experts, video

The astonishing UFO video clip that can be watched below is believed to have been filmed only a few days ago on 26 July. The UFO was spotted above the city of Almere in the Netherlands. The luminous craft seen in the film changes shape and at some times a streaking tail can be seen, at other times the UFO seems to be spitting out other objects.or orbs.


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