Star Wars 7 Character Details Revealed In Trading Cards

From Screen Rant

Lucasfilm is trying its hardest to make sure that no major spoilers about Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens leak, but with all the new tie-in merchandise that’s been hitting shelves, that task is easier said than done. Everything from the new toys to Halloween costume descriptions have given fans new tidbits to chew over while they await the film’s December 2015 release date.

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That trend continues with the (unofficial) release of some apparent new Star Wars trading cards that seem to be part of some kind of game. It’s not entirely clear what collection these cards are from, but the symbols on them are extremely to similar to previous official Star Wars card games. And if these are legitimate, they include some very interesting character details for the new Force Awakens heroes.

Making Star Wars (which has been a go-to source for Episode VII information thus far), has images of the cards, which feature Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren. Each card has so-called “Power-Up Link Symbols” that showcase a character’s affiliations and abilities. The Kylo Ren card doesn’t have anything juicy (outside of the Sith symbol), but some eyebrows are sure to be raised when we get to our protagonists.

Both Finn and Rey are listed as members of the Rebels (these cards seem to be using old school Star Wars terminology), but Rey also has the “Jedi” symbol on her card, while Finn does not. Given that the latest wave of marketing materials (such as the D23 poster and the 15-second Instagram teaser) have featured Finn (and not Rey) wielding a lightsaber, it’ll be surprising to many that he is not considered a Jedi according to the cards.


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