Princess Robot Bubblegum - Great Social Commentary Via 'Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City'?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Topless Robot / TV Kon

Please forgive me, I know this one has been out for a while, but not being a gamer, I just stumbled upon this.

Featured in the latest game in the "Grand Theft Auto" series, "Episodes from Liberty City", is great little trailer for a fictional anime called "Princess Robot Bubblegum." The clip is featured in the games TV channels that can be viewed during game play.

Originally designed to be a parody of popular Japanese animation that features nearly naked girls with super-powers.

As a satirical social commentary on the state of Japanese animation that is being produced solely to cater to the male dominated fan base the clip really hits the mark. Though I think there is more here than meets the eye.

The clip was obviously designed to lampoon the Anime genre, but one can't help noticing that these adult oriented themes have migrated into other forms of Asian Entertainment. Case in point, the live action film, "Robo-Geisha", and the television series, "The Ancient Dogoo Girl". Both of whom feature over the top graphics and over the top sexuality much in line with what is seen in "Princess Robot Bubblegum."

In fact, "Princess Robot Bubblegum", looks like a direct parody of "The Ancient Dogoo Girl" trailer, the similarities are unmistakable.

I grant you, this form of entertainment is nothing new to Japan, but from a western perspective, it is now just starting to get noticed much more as imported games and videos have gotten more exposure.

Will "Princess Robot Bubblegum" ever become more than just a satirical trailer? Could be, the clip has been blowing up all the net ever since it debuted in late October. It would only stand to reason that someone would realise the economic benefits of producing an animated series featuring a sexy girl in the world's skimpiest bikini.

I honestly think that the clip is hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing.

Though you may need to be a fan of Japanese entertainment to really get the gags.

Compare clips, here is "The Ancient Dogoo Girl" trailer:

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