Suzi Lorraine Is Destined To Be Ingested

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Sofian Khan

To read the title of this article you may be inclined to believe that I am making some sort of 'off-color' remark about my pal Suzi Lorraine. Granted, she is beautiful, and I'm sure most men would love to just 'eat her up', but that's not what this article is about......well not exactly. You see the lovely Miss Lorraine is starring in a new film, which, if you hadn't figured it out already, features a group of unsuspecting people who fall victim to a bunch of blood-thirsty cannibals.

The film is called (They Were...) "Destined to be Ingested", the work of film maker Sofian Khan and his company, Capitol K Pictures. Starring alongside Lorraine (Sandy) are Theodore Bouloukas (Chester), Kris Eivers (Tom), Manuel Fihman (Macho) and Kitty Cole (Anna).

The film centers around a young couple and their friends, who take a South Pacific cruise after they had struck it rich by winning the lottery. The group is blissfully enjoying their new found wealth, when things start to go wrong in a hurry. News of a stock market crash reaches the couple, whose new fortune may now be in jeopardy, and their inept yacht captain has gotten them lost.

The group soon finds themselves stranded on an uncharted island inhabited by a tribe of man-eaters. A cat-and-mouse game of terror begins once the group is discovered by the natives who want to consume their flesh.

Though, "Destined to be Ingested" is a low-budget horror, Kahn shows that he really has an eye for cinematography. From the trailer, it looks like the camera work on this one is top-notch. A far cry better than a lot of independent films, which look like they were shot in someones backyard with a camcorder. This one has the look of a film made on a much larger budget. Kahn looks as if she was able to get the most bang for his buck.

At present Sofian Khan is seeking distribution for "Destined to be Ingested", but I have a feeling that we will be seeing it very soon.

Here is the trailer and a bunch of photos for "Destined to be Ingested":

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