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Rom #18, May 1981 Issue - Marvel Comics

From View Obscura Comics

Part 2 of 2 - Guest starring the Uncanny X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Sprite). Story by Bill Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema. Frank Miller cover.

The X-men stand ready to defend the young Jimmy Marks who, unbeknownst to them, is actually the half-human half-wraith Hybrid. As the team springs into action, Hybrid uses his mental powers to usurp Storm’s control of weather and creates a blinding blizzard. While Sprite stays close to Jimmy Marks, Colossus, Nightcrawler, & Wolverine press an uncoordinated attack. Hybird launches a number of farm implements at Rom & Wolverine. Nightcrawler teleports Wolverine to safety and the implements impact harmlessly on the Spaceknight. Rom searches through the storm to find the hulking shape of Hybrid rising behind the young Sprite. As Rom approaches, Sprite turns and spots the horror and instinctively phases through the Galadorian disrupting his circuitry. Colossus grapples with Hybrid who uses his abilities to revert Peter to his human form and begin asphyxiating him. Nightcrawler keeps Peter alive while Wolverine once again confronts Rom. Sprite tells Wolverine about the TRUE enemy Hybrid as Rom once again grapples with Hybrid. His Neutralizer is knocked away. Wolverine picks the weapon up and is severely jolted when he tries to fire it. Sprite then in desperation picks up the Neutralizer and due to her unique phasing ability is able to fire it. Hybrid comes to destroy her but Rom holds him back and instructs Sprite how to retune the weapon to its highest setting. She fires again blasting apart Hybrid’s molecules but also opening the dimensional rift to Limbo where Rom, bathed in his own weapon’s beam then falls through. With the destruction of Hybrid, the storm ceases and the X-men regroup and depart, leaving Rom’s Neutralizer lying in the snow.

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Sabretooth #1 - August 1993 - Marvel Comics

Script by Larry Hama, art by Mark Texeira.

This story takes place after the events in Wolverine #64.

Aldo Ferro, the Psi Borg, drops Sabretooth off at his mansion in Vancouver. Ferro warns Sabretooth that there are multiple hostiles waiting for him. Sabretooth tells Ferro to leave because he does not need his help.

Sabretooth is surrounded by dozenes of Hand ninjas who want his head. Sabretooth slices up most of them but Birdy, his assistant blasts the rest away with a big gun.

The two go into to the mansion and there is a wall of pictures of people he has assassinated. Sabretooth tells Birdy to change the picture that looks like Silver Fox because she is now the head of Hydra.

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Silver Surfer #1, July 1987 Issue - Marvel Comics

Story by Steve Englehart. Art by Marshall Rogers and Joe Rubinstein.

Still trapped on Earth, the Surfer spends time examining different aspects of the environment he's trapped in. Running into the Fantastic Four, they begin a discussion about potentially freeing the Surfer from the Earth, when the Surfer is suddenly attacked by the Champion. The Champion is bested in battle with the Surfer, and concedes as he has come to the Surfer to warn him not to get involved with the Skrull's quest for conquest. He also tells the Surfer that Galactus' current herald, Nova, is the Skrulls prisoner. The conversation ends with the Champion explaining that the Surfer could possibly leave the Earth if he wanted too, before departing.

This gets the Surfer and the FF thinking of all the times they tried to free the Surfer. When Ben wonders if the Surfer ever tried to leave the Earth without his board. The group suddenly realize they never thought about it before, that perhaps it's the Surfer's board, not the Surfer himself that is held back by the barrier. Flying out into space aboard one of the FF's space shuttles, the Surfer is amazed when the plot really works. Converting his board into pure cosmic energy he manages to get it past the barrier as well. Thanking the Fantastic Four once more for helping him free himself from the Earth, the Surfer soars off into the vast universe.

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Spawn / Batman #1 - January 1994 Issue - Image Comics

Written by Frank Miller, with art by Todd McFarlane.

DC's Batman against Image's Spawn. It is a companion piece to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Written by Frank Miller, with art by Todd McFarlane.

Batman travels to New York city, to investigate a series of brutal murders, who has apparently engaged in cutting the heads off of his victims. The killer, holds high tech weapons and equipment, and wants the brains of the homeless to operate his creations, thus the decapitations. When Batman meets Spawn, they mistake each other for the enemy, and engage in a series of battles, but upon realizing that they are after the same perpetrator, they work together operating on a strained relationship.

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Adventure Comics #397 - September 1970 Issue - DC Comics

Cover pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Dick Giordano. 1st appearance of the new Supergirl in Now...Comes Zond starring Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Morgana, and Zond, script and pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Frank Giacoia.

When a girl is found in a zombie-like state on the Stanhope campus, Supergirl goes into a trance and probes her memories. She learns that she was terrified into catatonia by a being named Zond whom she met at a witches' coven. Supergirl tracks down the coven and confronts Zond, but his magic powers defeat her and shred her costume somewhat. Supergirl consults with Diana Prince, the former Wonder Woman, and has her ask her old foe Morgana the Witch for help. Since Zond is a common enemy, and her mother's former stable-boy, Morgana agrees. Supergirl gets a new uniform from Wonder Woman's boutique before she goes with the other women to the next coven meeting. Morganna takes care of Zond's magic, and Supergirl kicks him around the block. Morganna leaves with Zond, but not before releasing his victim from her fear-trance.

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Tomb of Dracula #60 - September 1977 Issue - Marvel Comics

Script by Marv Wolfman, pencils by Gene Colan, inks by Tom Palmer.

Dracula is furious that his son Janus has been killed by the treacherous Anton Lupeski. Domini attempts to calm the vampire lord, however Dracula can only rage on as he recounts the moment that led to his son's death. Dracula rages on about those who would try to destroy him and turns his fury toward the oil painting of Jesus Christ. He attempts to destroy it, but finds that it still has power over him and he cannot. Looking upon the throne he hoped to rule over, he finds it not a symbol of accomplishment, but one of mockery and smashes it.

As his rage subsides a little, Dracula thinks back to his many years of existence and thinks about his past. His thoughts turn to the years before he became a vampire, when he was merely Vlad Dracula, and he was forced into a marriage with a woman named Zofia, a woman he did not love and treated very poorly. He would recall how one night he attempted an affair with a chamber maid, when she refused because she was betrothed to someone else, Dracula would kill her. Dracula would wonder why he was brought to remember this memory, and he is visited by the memory of his daughter through Maria, Lilith, who mocks Dracula for his poor treatment of her mother, driving her to suicide so that Dracula could marry his second wife.

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