The Bloody Rage Of Bigfoot - Censored For Your Protection

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: James Baack / Avery Guerra

As a writer I try to abide by film makers wishes. I don't post things like photos or information that they object to. That, however, doesn't mean that I write what they tell me to, I'm free to write my articles as I wish, giving my opinions good or bad. But, as I said, if they contact me and request that I not reveal a plot point or image that may give too much away, I generally respect that.

Well, this weekend I was sent a new batch of photos from James Baack's film "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot" and due to a busy schedule, I wasn't able to post them. Good thing that was, because I was contacted a couple of times over the last two days with 'special' requests about the photos, including omitting one, and verbiage on how to describe them.

Let's just say that by the time I was done, I felt like a employee of the CIA blacking out text in documents and coming up with creative ways to ovoid certain terms.

The first request was for me not to use the 'L' word (hint- not LOVE) when describing some of the photos pertaining to Satantha and Loosey-Fur, the two hot witches, and their interaction with each other.

Instead of the 'L' word it was suggested that I use "girl on girl fun" and "lovers" by both the director and the actresses involved.

I bet ya know what the 'L' word is now!

The director was also quick to point out that, "As far as 'Satantha' and 'Loosey-Fur's ''Kiss Photo' (not posted by request), that particular moment in the film goes WAY beyond whats happening in that photo!"

That being said, he still didn't want me to use the word 'L' because of the stigma that it carries. I have to admit that I find that perplexing.

Next comes the letter that Baack received from an Illinois based Bigfoot group that objected to the way that the cryptid was being portrayed in his movie. The letter in question is the typical boring venting of a group of Bigfoot....well I would use investigators here, but after reading their letter I think it would be more appropriate to call them, "fans", who believe that the monster isn't being portrayed in the proper light. The group makes it clear that they believe that Bigfoot is a gentle creature incapable of going on a "Bloody Rage."

I hate to tell them, but "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot" is just one in series of dozens of movies that have portrayed the animal as a blood-thirsty monster.

I really wanted to blow-off the letter, but then this line jumped out at me:

"....recent scientific evidence suggests that the Bigfoot might in actuality be Angels!"

And it got even more interesting, the letter goes on to suggest that if Baack doesn't halt his production, the group may be forced to take legal action, citing the case, "Grassman vs Rick Baker". I did a quick Google search on that case and came up with nothing. I can only assume that the Grassman here is the name given to Bigfoot by Ohio settlers and that the Rick Baker mentioned is the legendary Hollywood effects man. Of course, the way the noted citation is written, it would be the Grassman himself suing Rick Baker. I can't say that I remember Bigfoot suing anybody before. Guess I should read The Weekly World News more often.

What does Baack have planned for this week if he isn't in court?

"This Tuesday we are shooting a "Seductive Dance Scene" where "Loosey-Fur" kicks on the Techno music, gets the strobe light, candles, and fog machine going and both our lovely witches perform a little number that will melt the television screen off.

Then we have a small car chase and shoot-out to wrap up."

Anyway, yes, I have posted a copy of the letter at the request of Baack, and I have blacked out the names of all involved for their protection.

I have also posted Satantha and Loosey-Fur's "girl on girl fun" photos below, in true Bigfoot photograph tradition, the images are a bit fuzzy and out of focus:

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