Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Hot Rod Girls And Rat Rod Rockers To The Rescue!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Go-Kustom Films / Avery Guerra

For awhile now I have been writing a lot about "Killer Biker Chicks", a film that hearkens back to the days of Russ Meyer sexploitation. Essentially a film about a bunch of sexy ladies who go one a murder spree....because they can.

Today, I'm going in somewhat of an opposite direction, writing about a bunch of sexy, tattooed, hod rod girls who save the world from aliens and Russian mobsters.

Film maker and musician D.A. Sebasstian has just released his first feature, "Hot Rod Girls Save The World", produced by his Washington based Go-Kustom Films. A film filled with hot rods, hot chicks, rockabilly, zombies and aliens. What else could you want?

Here's the film's synopsis:

When big city newspaper reporter Vanessa Trojan (Lindsay Calkins) goes to a small backwater town, named Anywhere, Washington, to do a feature article on two female Street Racing icons, she doesn’t realize that this will be the last article she ever writes. When the icons- the always talkative Jo Leene Dodge (Melene Marie Brown) and permanently mute Betty Petty (Kimberly Layfield) take Vanessa to a rukus rockabilly house party, a strange light appears from the sky, and people start to feel sick. The party ends in a vicious brawl between Jo Leene and jealous rival Vikki Lee (Heather Lewis).

The next day Jo Leene is accused of killing Vikki Lee, who has disappeared with only her severed fingers found on the seat of her wrecked car. As more people turn up missing or murdered Anywhere’s only detective- Detective LLoyd (Jimmi Davies) soon realizes that this is not a simple murder case, but something much, much bigger.

As the girls, aided by Betty’s blind punk rock grandma (J Maki) struggle to discover what is happening to Anywhere, an alien boy (David Nance) suddenly appears and may actually hold the key to all the carnage.

Hot Rods, Hot Dames, Half Zombies and Aliens all converge on the small town as it quickly falls into campy B-Budget movie chaos. Can the Hot Rod Girls Save The Town? Can They Save The World? Find out- in the Black & White, Lo-Fi, “Sure to be a drive-in classic” film by musician turned writer/director- D.A. Sebasstian.

Features music by D.A. Sebasstian & The Inner Demons, Drag Strip Riot, The Wages Of Sin, Flathand 5, The Bad Things, Invisible Surfers, Psycho Charger, Faith & Disease & Kill Switch...Klick.

That film is now for sale through the Go-Kustom Films website - Here

Sabasstian has just begun production on "Rat Rod Rockers!" starring Hot Rod Heidi (photo above), Asia Devinyl (2nd photo below) and Teri Aslett. No zombies or aliens this time around, but there is more rockabilly, hot rods and hot chicks!

Here's the skinny:

Aided by the Russian Mob, a gang of ruthless moonshine running thugs takes control of a small North Western town.

No one is safe.
Can they be stopped !?!
Can anyone stop the Rat Rod Rockers !!!

I bet a bunch of sexy hot rod girls can!

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