Japanese Moviegoers Embrace Cyborg Girl

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Japan Today

Korean movie director, Jae-Yong Kwak, may have had trouble comunicating with his Japanese cast members, but he sure hasn't had any trouble reaching Japanese moviegoers. Kwak's lateset romantic themed sci fi film entitled, "Cyborg She" (My Girlfriend Is A Cyborg) is presently holding the number three spot at the Japanese box office.

The Korean born director was recruited for the film back in 2006 by Amuse Soft Entertainment after his film, "My Sassy Girl", became a huge hit. Kwak, however, had huge reservations about directing a film outside his native country, “Just before starting this film, I was disappointed by a film made by Korean actors and a foreign director. So I was nervous about the communication between cast and crew. Fortunately, everybody on this film gave it their utmost and I really appreciated it.”

Indeed the language barrier did cause problems on the set for cast and crew, but through hard work everyone involved found unique ways to get around it. Actress Haruka Ayase, who plays the cyborg girlfriend in the film, explains, "“Mr Kwak taught me acting through gestures and facial emotions." Ayase also took a very playful approach to her robot character, "“Because I don’t have an opportunity to punch men, I enjoyed doing it during production.” I'm sure there are a lot of men out there that are happy that she got to live that fantasy out on the set.

It would be safe to say that Jay-Yong Kwak had better start learning Japanese, because he has a hit on his hands, and it certainly won't be very long before he is called upon again to work on a film in the land of the rising sun.

One day a dull university named Jiro meets a cyborg girl while walking down the street. They start to like each other, but since she can't truly feel emotions he decides he has to leave her. One day an earthquake hits Tokyo and she saves the boy's life, discovering her own emotions in the process.

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