The Trailer For Pat Cerrato's Giant Bug Film Pesticide

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Pat Cerrato / Avery Guerra

There is one thing that every movie buff should learn, what goes around, comes around. What I mean by that is, certain types of movies that are produced in a certain era will certainly be revisited in another. For the modern movie fan, he should look back to the early 1970s and see that many of the same types of films that were produced way back then, are being made today.

Case in point, two of the films that have been written about here recently at Monster Island News feature either giant rats or giant insects. If you know your film history, than these should remind you of such early 70s classics as "Night of the Lepus" and "Food of the Gods."

Even to further my point, I want to point out all the giant critter flicks that were produced in the late 1950s, including "Them", "Tarantula" and the "Deadly Mantis."

As I said, what goes around, comes back around a decade or so later.

That brings me to Pat Cerrato's latest film, "Pesticide." As you can probably gather from the title, the movie is about giant insects. In this case giant roaches to be precise.

Now, the trailer that we were informed about on Youtube isn't a full-blown 'official' trailer. It is only a clip put together to show potential investors and distributors. According to Cerrato, a better trailer is coming, with improved effects and sound.

The film itself is to centers around the giant bugs taking over New York City (Though I swear I see parts of San Francisco in the clip).

Groovy. I think that I need to go out and get some platform shoes, some polyester threads and some gold chains. Man, I really need to get my head together. You know get with it, man.

It's the seventies all over again.


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