The Land That Time Forgot Remake Begins Filming

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Dread Central / Bloody Disgusting

I'm honestly surprised that it has taken this long for someone to remake the 1975 Amicus classic, "The Land That Time Forgot." Well, it seems the The Asylum is ready begin production on just such a remake as early as next week. In typical style for the studio, which has made a name for itself copying other peoples movies, the info on this one has been under tight wraps for some time. Some information, however, has been leaked onto the net through various sources.

C. Thomas Howell will be both directing, and staring in "The Land That Time Forgot", alongside Christopher Showerman and Timothy Bottoms. The script for the film was reportedly written by Darren Dalton, who also wrote "The Day the Earth Stopped" for The Asylum.

It is unknown what, if any, changes Dalton has in mind for the story, which was originally written by Edgar Rice Burroughs for Blue Book Magazine in 1918.

The Asylum opted to remake "The Land That Time Forgot" instead of trying to produce one of their typical 'knock-offs' based on the upcoming movie "Land of the Lost."

It should be noted that Amicus ran into some trouble in developing the original "The Land That Time Forgot" film. The first script was initially rejected by the late Burroughs’s estate resulting in two rewrites.

Here is the synopsis from the 1975 film, "The Land That Time Forgot":

The survivors of a torpedoed allied cargo ship turn the tables on their attackers and seize control of their U-boat. The Germans manage to damage the ships compass and instead of steaming to a neutral port the group finds itself of the coast of the legendary island Caprona where time has stood still since prehistoric times. Forced to venture ashore in search of food, supplies and fuel the crew encounters a bevy of dinosaurs that intend on making sure no one escapes alive. As in all good adventure stories of this type just about everything and everyone the group encounters is set on doing them mortal harm and danger lies behind every turn. The groups focus is a simple a straight forward one. Keep from being eaten and figure out a way to get off the island before it consumed in a river of molten rock.

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