Cinema Of Fear 3 3/4-Inch Wave 1 Action Figures Set

Unleash Them On Your Friends! $26.99

Cinema of Fear 3 3/4-Inch Wave 1 Action Figures Set
The figures are smaller - the fear is larger than ever!
Multiple points of articulation!

Add to your collection!Fear comes to 1:18 scale! Mezco's newest scale format is now part of the Cinema of Fear collection. Reducing horror icons and keeping all the detail, they are half the size but twice the fun! Featuring up to 18 points of articulation and film accurate accessories, these 3 3/4-inch tall Cinema of Fear figures raise the bar for horror collectibles everywhere! This set of 3 individually packaged action figures includes (subject to change):1x Jason Voorhees (includes machete, removable mask, and display stand)1x Freddy Krueger (includes removable hat, garbage can lid, and display stand)1x Leatherface (includes chainsaw, mallet, and display stand)
Collect them all!

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  1. Wow!! Cool!...where did you got it? I want to buy 'em all...please let me know how...thanks!



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