Nudie Cuties - Naughty Horror Films From A More Innocent Time

The House On Bare Mountain (1962)

Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner, local law enforcement officers in disguise, arrive at Granny Good's School for Good Girls on the pretext of enrolling their "daughter," Prudence. Their real purpose is to investigate suspicious activities at the school. "Granny" is actually a male bootlegger and the school a cover for a bootlegging racket. A voyeur, Granny takes many opportunities to watch the female students as they mingle in the dormitory without their clothes. She tells her chief assistant, Krakow, a 7-foot-tall wolfman, that their annual costume ball will divert attention from a large batch of liquor that is to be bottled and delivered that night. Prudence suspects Granny's ruse and goes to the basement to investigate. The party becomes a drunken brawl; the guests dance in the nude as Dracula and Frankenstein's monster join in the fun. The police arrive and pursue Granny to the basement. There she chains Prudence, the police chief, his men, and Krakow to the still, forcing them to load up the boxes for the outgoing shipment.

The Beast That Killed Women (1965)

A horrible murder interrupts a happy weekend at a nudist camp, and the police begin searching for a sex maniac. The following night, the police learn that the murderer is actually a giant beast with a gorilla-like appearance, who has found his way into the woods near the lake. He apparently hates women, and when he mistakenly attacks his intended victim's husband, he throws the man from the dock and runs into the woods. With the news that a monster is running loose, the camp empties. The police decide to use a female decoy to trap the beast; an attractive policewoman is assigned to sleep near the lake. Once again the beast attacks, but he is killed before the woman can be harmed.

Orgy of the Dead (1965)

A porno as only Ed Wood could make it!

On a stormy night, a young writer and his fiancée travel through the mountains in search of an ancient cemetery where they hope to find material for a new novel. Knocked unconscious when their car hits a lightning-felled tree, they awaken to find the cemetery illuminated by the light of a full moon. They stumble upon a strange rite: The Master of the Dead and The Princess of Darkness have arisen from their graves to judge the newly dead, who dance naked before their throne. The Master orders the young couple bound to ceremonial posts, so that they may watch as he judges the female sinners: The Main Street Prowler, who lured men to her apartment to rob and murder them, is now condemned to eternal punishment; The Slave Girl, once a princess, is beaten by those who had been her slaves; The Bride who murdered her husband must now reside eternally with his skeleton; The Indian Girl who tossed her lovers into the flames must leap into flames throughout eternity; The Island Girl, who used her beloved snakes to dispose of her lovers, is restricted to the companionship of snakes; a woman who loved cats is condemned to remain a cat forever; and one who worshiped gold is turned into a gold statue. As The Princess of Darkness prepares to take the writer's fiancée for her slave, the morning sun returns the dead creatures to dust, and the young couple are rescued from the wreckage of their car.

Kiss Me Quick! (1964)

The Grand Glon of the planet Droopiter in the distant galaxy of Buttless sends out his trusted ambassador, Sterilox, to bring back a female of the human species, since women are unknown to his planet. The visitor arrives at the castle of Dr. Breedlove, who is conducting experiments with 30 of his creations--buxom young female robots--while Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy meddle in the proceedings. Sterilox acquaints himself with the female earthlings, who remove their clothes for the visitor, but he cannot single out one to take away with him. The gadget-filled castle presents a number of hazards to Sterilox, and he finally chooses a vending machine in preference to any of the women, leaving the assorted creatures at the castle to continue their adventures.

Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS (1974)

Ilsa is an evil Nazi warden at a death camp that conducts "medical experiments". Ilsa's goal is to prove that woman can withstand more pain and suffering than men and therefore should be allowed to fight on the front lines.

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