Master Ron Fitzgerald Presents Extreme Halloween!

Sources: Claire 'Fluff' Ryan / Lakeshore Theater / Ron Fitzgerald - Website

I knew that once I posted one bit of info about a Halloween event that I would start getting 'alerted' to several other ones, which is cool, because that's what I actually wanted.

Here is one for all of you in the Chicago area that are looking for something 'EXTREME' to do on Halloween:

(This info comes via Claire 'Fluff' Ryan from the event's Facebook page: HERE

Master Ron Fitzgerald presents EXTREME HALLOWEEN!
Gothic Illusion, Horror, Music and Madness!

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: The Lakeshore Theater
Street: 3175 N. Broadway

On Saturday, October 31st Master Ron Fitzgerald presents Extreme Halloween! It's an unforgettable evening of Gothic illusions, Music, and Madness for some truly freaky Halloween fun! Also including a costume contest with prizes and the music of Absinthe Kiss! Sponsored by Chicagoland Halloween's Haunts Against Hunger food drive which benefits the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Bring a can of food to donate!This is an all ages event! There is a bar for those 21+ so come start your Halloween parting with us!

You can find out more about the event, at The Lakeshore Theater website - HERE

Not being familiar with the work of Ron Fitzgerald, I took the time to visit his website to learn more. Here is his bio off the site:

Actor/Gothic Illusionist, Ron Fitzgerald is a strange man and the multi-talented Master of his Realm. Over the past 25 years he has worked in the Performing Arts, Theatre, Television and Film. Hardly your traditional magician, his shaved head, high boots, and black clothing, make him look like he just stepped out of an alternative rock video on MTV. Fitzgerald is a provocative entertainer who's mischievous charm is an irresistible temptation. This is also why he's being cast in Horror, Sci-Fi and Documentary films. He's an eloquent combination of mad magician, actor, stand-up comedian, and performance artist. Master Fitzgerald has singularly taken the art of Magic in a strange new direction. "I'm a hybrid of artistic illusionist and edgy TV horror host." Fitzgerald describes his Gothic persona. "I want to take Magic beyond traditional boundaries and polite entertainment," he explains,"I'm inspired by David Bowie not David Copperfield."

His live show, Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic, is an innovative blend of dramatic illusion, alternative music, and outrageous audience participation that combines all the style of a theatrical event with the power of a rock concert. It can only be described as "dark, sticky, vampire fun!" Fitzgerald's style is the fusion of bizarre Magic, performance art and his wicked sense of humor. Amongst the Horror trappings of castles and gargoyles, Fitzgerald dismembers, levitates and cremates his naughty assistants all to a soundtrack of powerful Gothic/Industrial rock music. Between illusions Fitzgerald performs with the wit of a stand-up comedian. Many times the show moves beyond magic into bits of bizarre fun with the audience. It's artistic, creepy and fun! But fear not Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic is a family show........but only if you're the Addams family! (Read More)