The Lovely Ha Ji-Won To Battle A Mutant Monster, And American Actors, In Yoon Je-Gyun's 'Sector 7'

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Twitch / Avery Guerra

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was talking about how Korean film makers were slowing taking over the monster movie business?

Wasn't that just yesterday?

Well, as if it should come as any surprise, today I have a brand new monster movie to talk about, and, surprise!'s being made in Korea.

Director Yoon Je-Gyun is gearing up to begin production on two big-budget fantasy films in the upcoming year. One is reportedly a "Jumanji" clone entitled "Temple Stay" and the other is mutant monster film, somewhat in line with "The Host", entitled "Sector 7".

For his monster film, Je-Gyun, has recruited one of Korea's up and coming actresses, Ha Ji-Won Photo Above), the winner of the Best Actress trophy at the Blue Dragon awards for her role in "Closer to Heaven."

Despite the lovely actresses credentials, and stunning looks, Ji-Won will be limited to just a supporting role, while Je-Gyun follows in the footsteps of "D-War" (Dragon Wars) director Hyung-rae Shim by casting American actors in his lead roles.

The director is also looking for American producers for his film as well, which, along with the casting plans, indicates that "Sector 7" will be not only marketed for Asian audiences, but for Americans as well.

Hopefully for Je-Gyun, he will have better success than Shim at attracting a western audience. That, of course, means that he will have to produce a better product than "D-War" was.

The premise for "Sector 7" centers around a group of workers on an oceanic oil drilling platform that have to fight for their lives against a monster that is borne from a mysterious virus.

Seems to me, that if a lovely like Ha Ji-Won found herself on an oil drilling platform out in the middle of the ocean, she would be running for her life from the horny crew members as well as the monster.

Just saying.

It looks like Korean monster movies are here to stay and look for more attempts by their film makers to try and invade Hollywood.

Here is another photo of the fetching Ji-Won, just in case you are stuck on an oil platform and may be in need of one.

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