"The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" Delayed

"The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan" Delayed

by Armand Vaquer

Things rarely go 100% smoothly in life. That's why one has to just roll with it.

It appears that The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan has been delayed due to the holidays. Also, they had some equipment "technical difficulties" in December. It was expected to be available on January 4.

ComiXpress is closed from December 24th to January 4th with only a "skeleton crew" on hand.

They were preparing Guide as of December 17th, which was a Thursday (their equipment problems were going on that week). So it is my guess (when you take into consideration the weekend) and three days after the weekend before December 24, I doubt they got finished with it by December 24.

When I get a new (hopefully) firm date, I'll announce it here.

UPDATE: I received this message from a friend from Japan on Facebook today:

I got your book at Parco Book Center! Happy! (=^・^=)/

If this is the case, maybe I was checking the wrong locations at the ComiXpress website. On a hunch that I may find it by locating Martin Arlt's Mad Scientist magazine, I started searching for Mad Scientist. It did not come up anywhere! I know a new issue was recently published and there should be back issues available, but still nothing came up. I guess I'll have wait to hear from ComiXpress on Monday.

I asked my Facebook friend if she could take a picture of it (with her in the picture). If she does, and it is indeed available now, then I will make an announcement here.

UPDATE (1/5/10): I heard from ComiXpress and things are progressing. I have approved the PDF proof they sent me. I sent them their set-up payment (I had some extra work done) via Paypal. As soon as that is confirmed, the book will be listed. I expect that to be within 3-5 days from today.


  1. Is there a preferred retailer where you end up receiving more of the profit?

  2. No, when the book is offered on ComiXpress, you can order directly through them. The book will be offered to dealers/retailers at a wholesale rate. If you have a favorite dealer, you can ask them to order it so they can profit from it. But all dealers will be offered the same wholesale rate. No favorites.

    I will most likely order a batch myself and offer them (signed, if requested). - A.

  3. The Guide is now available. More info is posted elsewhere on this blog. - A.


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