'Rites Of Spring' Preparing To Film On The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Sun Herald

In preparation for the start of production, the producers of the monster movie, "Rites of Spring", are looking for local Mississippi Gulf Coast residents to fill 13 primary cast roles, more than 100 extras and even work behind the camera.

Producer Wes Benton, a Jackson Mississippi native, hopes to use the film to promote the area for future films, states, "We want the entire (Mississippi) Coast to benefit from what we’re trying to do. It’s a rich environment for untapped, unused resources as far as locations go.”

Benton describes the plot for "Rites" this way, “After abducting the son of a wealthy businessman, a group of kidnappers escape to an abandoned farmhouse, unaware they share their hideout with a supernatural creature preparing for its annual killing spree.”

Fellow producer, John Norris, also hints that there is more to the story than meets the eye, possibly even a moral message, “It’s really a cautionary tale, as well. Be careful what you ask for. These guys have gotten caught up in a situation where it just gets worse with every choice they make.”

As for the monster, Norris reveals that this time around the film makers wanted to keep it simple, “It’s really sort of a great combination of a kidnapping thrill movie and a supernatural creature movie. This is a classic monster. This is not something that can be explained away by science.”

Production on "Rites of Spring" is set to begin April 5th and run for about 20 days near Ocean Springs and Pass Christian, Mississippi. Before then the film makers will be accepting head shots and resumes for potential cast members from the local talent pool.

Check out the website for "Rites of Spring" - HERE

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  1. Sounds good, but the plot reminds me a bit of JEEPERS CREEPERS.


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