A Visit To Monsterpalooza 2010

Above, Frankenstein's monster greets visitors to Monsterpalooza.

A Visit To Monsterpalooza 2010

by Armand Vaquer

The second annual Monsterpalooza show in Burbank appears to be as successful as last year's inaugural event.

Above, a vintage Godzilla toy on display.

No sooner than when I entered the show this morning at the Burbank Marriott Hotel and Convention center I was approached by the show's producer, Eliot Brodsky. We chatted for a little while about me possibly doing a discussion presentation on Japan monster movie locations next year. He said that kaiju historian August Ragone had to cancel his appearance and presentation at this weekend's show.

Above, Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Wolf Man in the Monsterpalooza Museum.

Like last year's show, Monsterpalooza had plenty of cool monster displays throughout the convention center. I was told by Godzilla model kit dealer John Tucky that Saturday's show "got pretty wild."

Above, William Schallert reunited with one of his co-stars.

It was great to see scream-queen actress Michelle Bauer and veteran actor William Schallert (The Man From Planet X, The Patty Duke Show). The highlight for me was meeting actor David Hedison (Live and Let Die, License To Kill, Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea, The Fly). I interviewed Hedison last year for G-FAN magazine.

We talked for a while and I picked up a copy of The Fly At Fifty (that David autographed).

Above, David Hedison and I in front of a life-sized figure of him as "The Fly."

Above, not even death could keep Forrest J. Ackerman away from Monsterpalooza. Actually, this isn't Ackerman's skull, but it was animated and spoke with Ackerman's recorded voice.

As I was leaving the show, I noticed that the convention center was really beginning to fill up. If you haven't gone to a Monsterpalooza, do yourself a favor and go to next year's show.

More photos from Monsterpalooza are here.


  1. It's cool to finally see who I've been leaving comments for all this time, Ken.

  2. I'm still a man of mystery!

    That's "Frankenstein" "Mattels Take on Godzilla" "The Wolfman" and our very own Armand Vaquer.

    You really don't want to see me.....

  3. Oops, you're right Ken, I stand corrected! My sincerest apologies to Armand Vaquer for the mistake! It was still cool to actually see somebody associated with "Monster Island News".