The First Look At Mamoru Oshii's Tetsujin "28 1/2"

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Twitch / Official Website / Avery Guerra

Mamoru Oshii's latest film project "28 1/2" is yet another in a recent line of films to re imagine one of Japan's most beloved giant robot anime, "Tetsujin 28″.

The first came in 2005 with the live-action film "Tetsujin niju-hachigo" (Tetsujin 28) directed by Shin Togashi, then last year Hakari Productions and Imagi Studios announced that they were producing a CGI animated "Tetsujin" in the same line as "Astroboy."

Now Oshii, who is no stranger to giant robot series, being that he was the creative mind behind both, "Ghost in the Shell" and "Patlabor", is gearing up to produce another live-action film based on "Tetsujin 28-gō (Iron Man #28)" a manga, and then later on a animated series, by illustrator Mitsuteru Yokoyama.

At this point it is not clear whether "28 1/2" will be a follow-up to Togashi's film, or another reboot entirely.

Regardless, these first images from the production should be enough to get giant robot fans very geeked up about Oshii's film:

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