B Movie Celebration 2010 Info!

Written By: Avery Guera

The annual festival that celebrates b-movies is gonna be really awesome this year in Franklin, Indiana September 24th. - 26th. !! Lots of cool guests, and tons of great b-movies from classics to new films. I actually had the honor of being amongst this year's many great nominees at their annual prestige "Golden Cobb Awards" which was an extremely flattering honor indeed. As far as this year's great events goes- the opening gala film for the fest will also be the world premiere of Jim Wynorski's "Monster Cruise"!! Other cool new films being screened will be "Jim's "Dinocroc vs. Supergator", "Slime City Massacre", "Dead Snow", Asylum's "Mega-Piranha", "7 Adventures Of Sinbad", "Airline Disaster" and classics such as the original "Piranha", "Rocketship XM", "Valley Of Gwangi", "Empire Of The Ants", "Creature From The Black Lagoon", "The Blob", "The Evil Dead", and lots, lots more all on the big screen!!!!:

For more details visit the official site:


The complete list of films:


The complete list of guests:


The 'Golden Cobb Awards':


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