Godzilla - Medicom Real Action Heroes - 12 Inch Collectible Figure - Classic Godzilla - 1998

Source: Amazon.com

Product Features

1954 Godzilla from Medicom Real Action Heroes series. Made by Takara in 1998, 1/6 scale.
Godzilla is 12" tall & 23" long, includes a New Combat Joe body, wire-framed head allows roaring action,
wire-inside bendable tail & soft vinyl body allows fully posable action.
Limited Edition Numbered collectible.

Product Description

This figure is a work of art. When you compare this Godzilla to the original film you are hard-pressed to find flaw with it. Godzilla is beautifully sculpted and features a great deal of texturing to simulate the costume used to film the original Godzilla. This figure of Godzilla, which by itself is quite spectacular, was designed to replicate in 1/6 scale an actor playing Godzilla! When you peel off the Velcro row of spines a fully articulated action figure is inside of the Godzilla. This figure is actually an outer layer of rubber with an inner action figure surrounded by foam, or a figure in a foam-rubber suit. Sculpted in Godzilla's neck are a number of indentations to simulate the breathing holes of the foam rubber Godzilla suit for the actor.


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