Monster Japan Travel Guide Featured In "Metropolis" Magazine

by Armand Vaquer

It's now out!

Metropolis magazine, the number one English-language magazine in Japan (circulation: 30,000), has posted the interview article on The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan at the magazine's website.

The article starts with:

Tell us about your book.

The Monster Movie Fan’s Guide To Japan is a travel guide with fans of Japanese science fiction and fantasy movies in mind. It describes locations and their history, what movie(s) they were in, where to stay, and what other attractions are nearby. The book can be used by vacationers or tour companies to tailor tours for monster fans.

The print edition has the article sharing two pages with singer Christina Aguilera. If you are currently in Japan, head out to your local newsstand and grab a copy!

To view the article, go here.

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