Fox's TERRA NOVA Turning Into A Real Prehistoric Monster

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: New York Magazine

Remember last year when I spent a lot of time getting all geeked up about the upcoming dinosaur themed TV show being produced by Steven Spielberg called "Terra Nova"? Remember when I reported last August that the show had begun filming in Australia?

What ever happened to that thing?

Well according to the latest reports from the production the show has turned into a real monster of T-Rex proportions suffering from too many chiefs in charge of too few Indians. Sources on the set note that the production has twelve producers, no scripts beyond the pilot episode and not enough footage in the can to fill an episode.

The problems initially started when the script for the pilot was submitted to Fox. The story was too long for an hour-long episode and the production team began bickering about whether to lengthen the pilot or break it up into multiple episodes. When a two-hour pilot was decided upon Fox then opted to lay off most of the writing staff until the show got underway. With twelve producers trying to flex their creative muscle and pour weather conditions in Australia "Terra Nova" has developed into a real mess.

Fox is presently looking for a new hit show, which it desperately needs, so there is even more pressure to get these dinosaurs into households across America, and fast.

It looks like Terra Nova will need a monster of an enforcer to come in and put this all together or the whole soup will likely implode upon itself.

Plot - "Terra Nova," will follow the exploits of a family from 100 years in the future, that travels back in time to the age of dinosaurs.

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