Godzilla (Haruo Nakajima) Takes Hollywood! Take 2

by Armand Vaquer

Above, Haruo Nakajima and his daughter Sonoe pose at the Godzilla star on Hollywood Blvd. Mr. Nakajima played a major role in the popularity of the Godzilla character which led to the Walk of Fame honor. Photo courtesy of Sonoe Nakajima.

The original Godzilla, Haruo Nakajima, conquered Hollywood while he was in Southern California as a special guest at this year's Monsterpalooza in Burbank.

Above, ever the performer, Haruo Nakajima poses with the Godzilla star for the tourists. Photo courtesy of Sonoe Nakajima.

While he was here, and during some free time, he was taken to Hollywood Blvd. and posed with the Godzilla star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star is located in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Sonoe sent several of their personal photos of their visit and these are some of them.

Above, back home in Japan, Mr. Nakajima poses with his Certificate of Welcome from the Mayor of Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Sonoe Nakajima.

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