The Top Ten Hottest Women Of 2009

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Last year I posted a very popular article about who, you, the Monster Island News reader, thought were the 'hottest women of the year' based on your in site searches.

Well, here we are again at the end of yet another year and I bet ya thought I was going to forget to make a list of the ladies that set your hearts on fire during the past 365 days?


Though I did wait this year to the very last minute to compile the list as a tease, you know that I would ever forget to feed all you horny fanboys out there.

Oh, before I forget, I did make a few adjustments to my criteria this year. Essentially to make my job a whole lot easier, and to give all the young ladies a fair shake, I made all the women from last years list non-eligible for this years list. In doing so, I may have disappointed a few of you, but I promise that these 'fresh' faces will more than satisfy.

Enough of my banter, let's get right to it, shall we.

10. Rachel Grubb

I don't think that any of the young women that made this years list has had a busier 2009 than the fair Rachel Grubb.

Honestly to list all of her 2009 activities here would take up way too much time and space. I think that it would be quicker to list the things that Rachel didn't do over the past can say that she didn't go to the moon.

At least I don't think she did.

Rachel did, however, star in such films as "Strip Club Slasher" and "Terror Overload", plus, she was featured in several marvelous photo shoots.

Look out for more Rachel Grubb in 2010!

9. Elske McCain

Like the for mentioned Rachel Grubb, Elske McCain has had a very busy, and sometimes troubling, 2009.

The very curvy Miss McCain did much more than just make men go bonkers during the past year, staring in such films as "Strip Club Slasher", "Bad Girls" and "Killer Biker Chicks."

Though the very promising Scream Queen had plenty of success in 2009, she also had a fair amount of disappointments, including being dropped at the last minute from the film "Breath of Hate."

It can be a forgone conclusion that with curves that don't quit, we will see much more of Elske in 2010!

8. Suzi Lorraine

Suzi is long-time Monster Island News favorite and a good friend to yours truly, though I gave her no special treatment when it came to this list.

Suzi has always been known as a hard worker, and 2009 was the busiest of her career.

Suzi focused a good portion of her creative talents, and time, this year on writing and staring in the film "Won Ton Baby", which can only be described as horror/screwball comedy that pays homage to cult-classics like "Basket Case".

Hey if you like Elvis, strange birth defects and the lovely Suzi Lorraine, than this will be the film for you.

Suzi's 'pet' project, however, was just one of many things that kept her jumping this past year. She co-hosted the Gorezone Film Festival in London, did a "Knock Out Abs" infomercial, two restaurant commercials, appeared on "As the World Turns" several times, wrote a monthly magazine column, and worked on two feature films.


Let us also not forget another of Suzi's latest films, "Destined to be Ingested", which wins the award for the best title for a cannibal movie ever.

Suzi really is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

7. Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson is truly a lovely and multi-talented treasure.

Highlights from Chases 2009 don't include any new films or television roles, but she did perform a stellar concert (yes, she sings...and sings well) at the Universal City Walk and pose for some very sexy, and patriotic, photos for charity.

Hey, when you have one of sci fi's sexiest women posing nude, wrapped in an American flag, your going to get some attention.

I should also note that one of Chase's films, "Yesterday Was A Lie" (2008), is finally getting a release, so look for that one soon.

Chase also has three projects pending, "R.U.R", "Station 21 (3D)" and "The Camel Bookmobile", so odds are she may be about to experience a real career upswing.

6. Scarlet Salem

Okay, here is a quick quiz. What do our number 10, number 9 and number 6 lovelies have in common?

The answer: All three were in the 2009 film, "Strip Club Slasher."

Now, I don't want to take anything away from actress/model Scarlet Salem, but when you combine a beautiful blond with the words "strip club"....well you figure it out.

All joking aside, Scarlet Salem really struck a chord with horror movie fans in 2009, though I really think that her best work came in the form of being the subject in front of photographer H Morgen's camera.

Honestly the duo of Morgen and Salem combined to produce some truly magical gothic images in 2009.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this type of photography in 2010, as I am sure you are as well.

Did I mention that Scarlet was also an actress.....?

5. Laura Vandervoort

Remakes of classic movies and television shows were big time news in 2009, and when the busty blond, Laura Vandervoort, landed a role as Lisa on ABC's remake of "V", well a high position on this list was a lock.

Already a fanboy favorite from playing Supergirl/Kara Kent on "Smallville", Vandervoort sure didn't hurt her popularity any by moving on to the alien invasion drama.

Here's a bit from Vandervoort's studio bio:

In 2006 Vandervoort shot her first feature film, "The Lookout," opposite Jeff Daniels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mathew Goode and Isla Fisher. She got her big break at age 19 when she landed the lead role of Sadie Harrison on the CTV TV series "Instant Star," which ran for four seasons and was extremely popular in Canada.

Vandervoort began acting at the age of 13, she had always been an entertainer, putting on shows for family and friends. But what triggered her interest in the arts was the film "My Girl," which she received from her aunt at a very young age, and after watching it realized that acting was what was inside her.

Some of her other credits include "CSI," "The Dresden Files," "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire," "Alley Cats Strike," "Mutant X," "Prom Queen" and "Twice in a Lifetime."

A tomboy for years, Vandervoort loves most sports, especially soccer, karate, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and baseball. Entering karate at age seven, she found herself with a second degree Black Belt at by 16. She currently divides her time between Los Angeles and her native Canada.

From the response that the curvy actress has received here, I wouldn't be surprised if she moves higher up on next years list.

4. Eve Myles

I have to admit that I have a 'thing' for actress Eve Myles. I don't know if it is the gap between her front teeth, her raven-black hair, or how she says, "Reese I Capture Aliens" with a British accent, but she really melts my butter.


In 2009 the BBC mini-series "Torchwood: Children of Earth" was epic television that dazzled viewers on both sides of the Atlantic. The series really backed up my claim that "Torchwood" is the best sci fi on TV...period.

Eve Myles is a big part of what makes "Torchwood" stand out amongst the competition. The actress really is a scene stealer and is quite easy on the eyes as well.

If you aren't a fan of the show or the stunning Myles, then you really need to get with the program.

3. Rachel Nichols

Most actresses never get a chance to star in two summer blockbusters in one year, but Rachel Nichols manged to do just that in 2009. Indeed the lovely blond was cast as Gaila, in what is arguably the best movie of the year, "Star Trek", and as Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra."

Not a bad 2009 for Nichols by any ones standards.

A small-town New England native, Nichols first caught the attention of a modeling scout while attending Columbia University, from which she graduated with a double major in math and economics. After campaigns with such brands as Guess, L'Oreal, Abercrombie & Fitch and Nicole Miller, she broke into the world of acting when her agent sent her out on her first-ever audition--for a "Sex and the City" episode called "The Vogue Idea," in which she guest-starred as the restaurant hostess who becomes a birthday present from Samantha to her boyfriend, Richard. She followed that with a role in "Autumn in New York," with Richard Gere. In 2003, she starred in "Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd," the prequel to "Dumb and Dumber." Nichols has also guest-starred on the ABC series "In the Line of Fire."

Here's more math for ya. Hot actress + "Star Trek" = Number 3 on MIN's 2009 list.

2. Elisabeth Shue

Many of you may be surprised by both the number 2 and number 1 hotties on this years list, but there are legitimate reasons for these ladies to covet such high rankings.

Elisabeth Shue has always been a woman with a notorious figure, and throughout the years she hasn't been shy about showing it off.

So, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that when it was announced that the buxom Shue was going to be cast in a movie about wild partying and man eating fish, that more than one eyebrow was raised.

The film that I am talking about is the remake of the 1978 cult film "Piranha", but before you get any visions in your mind about Shue taking her top off and partying it up, let me drop on bummer bomb on you, she plays the town sheriff.

Regardless of that fact, MIN readers have been more than just a little interested in seeing as much of Elisabeth Shue as they can.

1. Allison Scagliotti

Possibly a big surprise here at number 1?

Just like last year's top cutie, Haruka Ayase, this years favorite, Allison Scagliotti, is more of a down to Earth, girl-next-door type.

I guess that this just goes to prove that what guys are 'really' looking for is a girl they can take home to mom.

Am I right guys?.....guys?.....guess I lost a few there.

Anyway, "Warehouse 13" is huge hit for the SyFy Channel and the fact that Scagliotti is on the show, certainly helped the actress capture our number one.

On "Warehouse 13" Scagliotti plays Claudia Donovan, a young, hip, brilliant techno-wiz, who manages to successfully breach the Warehouse's complex security system in order to track down Artie (Rubinek). With a natural aptitude for science and technology, Donovan's talents enable her to manipulate and activate many of the objects contained in the Warehouse to help the Team.

The young actress is also known for her role on Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh" as Josh's smart and sassy girlfriend, Mindy. She has had numerous memorable guest spots on ER, CSI, and One Tree Hill and can be next be seen this summer in National Lampoon's Endless Bummer and My Name is Jerry, starring Doug Jones.

In other words, Allison plays "Warehouse 13's" version of Velma from "Scooby Doo."

Hey, you may tell your friends you want Daphne, but secretly you have the hots for Velma. It's kinda like the whole Ginger and Marry Ann thing.

Right guys?


Hey, the numbers don't lie.

Here is a quick look back at last year's list:

10. Natalie Martinez 9. Eriko Sato 8. Amanda Tapping 7. Emilie Ullerup 6. Harumi Nemoto 5. Olivia Munn 4. Yumiko Shaku 3. Anita Briem 2. Christine Nguyen 1. Haruka Ayase

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