GODAIZER - A Giant Robot And Monster Orgasmotron

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Hillary Yeo

Last December I posted an article about a great new animated giant robot short called "Godaizer" which has been a three year labor of love for film maker Hillary Yeo. Today, thanks to Yeo, I was able to view the finished product and let me tell you I was left nearly speechless. What Yeo has been able to capture is the pure essence of both the giant robot and giant monster genre in one amazing 20-minute film.

Think of "Godaizer" as "Tetsujin 28-go", "Mazinger", "Ultraman: The Next" and "WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3" all assembled together to mash up in a perfect union with a bow on top.

There is no way that any fan of either Japanese anime or Tokusatsu could walk away from this one without feeling totally satisfied. The animation is beautiful and seamless, the robot design for "Godaizer" is timeless, (as if it jumped off the screen from a 70s Japanese cartoon) the monster is a nasty looking as can be and the combat sequences look pure Tsuburaya/Tanaka/Honda.

Here is a short synopsis of the plot:

An independent computer animated short about a robot repair warehouse run by a old man and his grandson where old decommissioned giant robot Godaizer is kept.

When a giant monster is awoken, its time for Godaizer to rise again and defeat it. But at what cost is it going to take to take down the monster?

At this time Yeo has entered "Godaizer" in a few festivals, including the Long Island International Film Expo. The film maker is also trying to get the word out there about his short film, which I am more than happy to aide him with, and has found the process to be a little harder than he first anticipated. True, it is hard to get noticed in this modern age where entertainment is literally at your fingertips, but I am more than confident that when people are able to see "Godaizer" the word will spread like wildfire.

Yeo has created something special here so don't be surprised if his career takes a major step forward after this.

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  1. animation looks really bad in the trailer.designs of all the characters look disjoint and unappealing. robot design looks like a ripoff but worse than the existing. sigh.

  2. Review is over-rating it.

  3. I can't believe the negative reactions here! Bad animation? Bad ripoff? Does Yeo owe you guys money or something? lol

    I don't care what you say. Great film with a great robot and monster.

    Oh and my review is not "over-rating" I like it alot and I said so.

  4. Ill have to agree with the first poster here. The animation and the whole appeal of the movie doesnt match up with the over rated review. The sohrt film is good yes but the review has taking it a few steps further..Good job Yeo but it could have been better.

  5. For a One Man Effort + 20 minutes(30,000 Frames) of Animation, Vfx, Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Compositing and Rendering.

    I say it's Awesome!


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