Going Nuts At DC Comics

by Armand Vaquer

DC Comics has gone nuts!

It has been reported that the comic book company is totally revamping its entire super-hero line of comic books.

According to National Post.com:

DC, the comic-book arm of Warner Bros., is rebooting its entire line of comics this fall, and is restarting all their series with a new issue No. 1.

Going forward, all new issues of DC comics will be released the same day in digital form via apps (on devices such as the iPad) and on the DC website.

The DC Universe includes characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Green Lantern among others.

The new issues will attempt to update the heroes for the 21st century, and will notably play with their ages in several cases.

According to the Toronto Star:

DC’s revamped collection will start with “Justice League” No. 1, which will reunite the classic (albeit freshly minted) lineup of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern. It will be written by DC's chief creative officer Geoff Johns and illustrated by co-publisher Jim Lee, the first time the acclaimed comic book duo have collaborated together.

I've never been a fan of Jim Lee's artwork. His 2006 Wonder Woman costume design is horrible (see picture at top). Looking at his artwork over the years gives me the impression that he flunked anatomy art classes or just skipped them altogether.

Accompanying the article is a picture of Superman with a caption stating that Superman may become younger or get a whole new costume. From the picture above by Jim Lee and Scott Williams, Superman does look younger (looks like SuperBOY) and his costume has changed. He still has his red cape, but he appears to have a collar(!) and lost his red trunks (will they show up in a new Anthony Weiner photo?). This is crazy! The costume is iconic and is embedded in American folklore. Looks like Jim Lee messed that up big time! To put it bluntly, Superman's new costume looks like crap!

All this is complicated, especially in the case of Superman. The heirs of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Jerome Shuster have regained some ownership of the Superman character, but a recent article in Variety indicates that Superman may be legally split in two. Certain aspects may be owned by the heirs, while others would be retained by DC Comics if this comes to pass. It would be tragic if it came to this (two Supermen). Why can't DC and the heirs sit down and hammer out an agreement/partnership? This is getting weirder and weirder!

Some have speculated that these changes were made with their litigation involving the Siegel/Shuster heirs in mind.

Thank goodness I've given up reading comic books long ago. But these changes seem unnecessary and radical.

A thumb's down from here!


  1. I think the headline should have been that DC loses it's #$^@%! mind.
    They are also going to have Superman give up his american citizenship and thumb his nose at Uncle Sam! I guess this is supposed to make him more "globally acceptable".
    This anti-American crap is in the newer Superman movies as well.
    DC can kiss my red, white and blue american a**, I'm not spending any $$$ to buy their comics or see their movies!

  2. 'While I agree with your Jim Lee assessment looking at the sales figures over the last several years shows that SOMETHING had to be done. It's a ballsy move, but the question is is let's see how they do it. Is it organically done, will it flow, or will it be -- TA-DA! Here we are. Being it's an outgrowth from FLASHPOINT story wise it may work.

    Personally I'm seeing it more as 'EUREKA'-IZING the line and I do not like what they've done on that show, but that's me.

    Another question to ask is -- how does the new co-pub (Dan DeDio) feel about his years as Editor-In-Chief being erased?



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