Godzilla:King of Monsters - Mothra May Steal The Show

It looks like someone has allegedly seen an unfinished print of Godzilla: King of Monsters and thinks that it is shaping up to be an amazing film.

This review was posted on Reddit:

"And it was really nice. It's really atmospheric, but I liked that even though I feel the movie is going to be long (not like the first, but still long) that it was going fast. There are many plot lines they started in the first 20 minutes. I can't say much, because of embargo, but can say that I'm really satisfied with the route they went. Acting and cinematography are really nice and even though the effects were not finished and some not even half-finished it looked really great. We are introduced to a family and the acting by every single one of them especially Vera Farmiga was great. It feels like continuation to the first and there are a lot of new characters introduced in the first 20 minutes. I think there was a cut in these 40 minutes like 15 minutes before it finished where I felt was the middle of the movie. O'Shea Jackson was good and I think you are going to like how much of the other creatures you are going to see in this movie :)(especially Godzilla). For what I saw I'm very pleased and can honestly say it will probably be the most original from this universe and loved every single casting."

According to the reviewer Mothra was really impressive:

"The effects for her weren't finished, but the design was something that I really enjoyed... If you remember this Enchantress thing in SS with this blackness that boils from here there is a similliar thing to Mothra here, but with something like yellow pollem. I don't if it will be in the movie, because as I said, the effects are not in their final form. I honestly don't know how she looked in the old movies, but just have heard of her and she looks like a huge,beautiful bug although she has that gritty look of the monsters like Godzilla and Kong. The hair on the wings looked really f-cking good, this was the thing that I really remember as a standout about the design and the colours too."

All this should be taken with a grain of salt of course, but if this any indication of what we can expect from the new film giant monster fans should be in for a treat.