Superman's New Look

by Armand Vaquer

Well, here's a better look at Superman's "new look" that DC Comics is unveiling:

(Click on image to view larger.)

Facially, at least he looks like Superman in this image. But the costume really wouldn't attract my interest (most importantly to DC, my dollars) if I were their "target audience."

The most radical part of the new costume is the missing red trunks and those hideous boots. Are those boots supposed to be metallic or something?

According to the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex page:

In most DC Comics, Superman is getting a costume makeover, that, as shown at the right, gives him a slightly more cosmic look (the lined blue costume and red belt and boots suggest alien-tech sleekness, and then there’s that higher, band collar) and a less Speedo-informed fashion sensibility (he loses the red trunks that he’s been wearing since the FDR years).

Sorry DC, this doesn't do it for me nor does it impress me. This excites me like the new Coke disaster of the 1980s.

(Thanks to Steve Brant for alerting me to this.)

1 comment:

  1. Ug, that's pretty terrible. And the globe he's holding nearly says it all. Just needs a big "F" before the "AIL".



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