Tokyo-Edo Radio Project Interview

by Armand Vaquer

A 45-minute interview with Hans Karlsson of the Tokyo-Edo Radio Project has been completed. The interview tonight was intended as a preliminary "warm-up" interview, subject to approval by the heads of the project (with the broadcast interview to be done later). However, Karlsson did indicate that tonight's interview may be edited/condensed for broadcast. They will let me know what they decide to do in any case, and I will pass the word.

The interview focused on The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan, the locations/landmarks used in various movies as well as a discussion on how Godzilla, Gamera and other Japanese monsters became popular in Western countries.

We went into detail on the Americanized Godzilla, King of the Monsters! and its importance in making the Godzilla character popular in countries outside of Japan. We also discussed how Raymond Burr was directed by Terry Morse at Visual Drama studios in Los Angeles and that a plaque now marks the site's historical significance.

I had fun with the interview.

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