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Monsters in the Movies Book:

Can't get enough monsters in the movies?
This 320-page hardcover book will satiate your need!
Fascinating and entertaining insights into the world of moviemaking.

Can't get enough monsters in the movies? Then this is the book for you! The 320-page hardcover book features fascinating and entertaining insights into the world of moviemaking, and includes memorable contributions from leading directors, actors, and monster-makers. This should satiate your need!

“I’m doing a book for DK Publishing called MONSTERS IN THE MOVIES, which is basically a sort of an overall compendium. It’s going to have thousands of photos,” Landis recently told “Really, it’s a very unusual and fun book. It’s a very entertaining book to open. It’s not about horror films, but it is about monsters in the movies so that means horror films, science fiction films, fantasy films—any film with a monster. DK Publishing is a big British publisher; they do penguin books. They make very beautiful illustrated books. You’ve seen their STAR WARS and James Bond books.

“I’m almost finished,” Landis continues. “It’s mostly chapters and photographs, but I have wonderful…instead of interviews, I would do conversations. I have very unusual conversations with a bunch of my friends who are monster makers, so there’s obviously [AMERICAN WEREWOLF’s] Rick Baker, but there’s also Chris Lee and Ray Harryhausen and David Cronenberg and Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro and Joe Dante, but they’re different because they’re not like an interview. They’re much more conversations where we really discuss monsters. It’s great fun, and it’s something I didn’t realize would be so much work when I took the job, but I’m pleased with it. It’s a fun book. “

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  1. The best books about monster movies are picture-heavy. It's the law.

    Really looking forward to this...

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