Batman Retro Series 1 Batman Action Figure

Source: Entertainment Earth

You can't miss out on the awesome Batman Retro Series 1 Batman Action FigureBatman Retro Series 1 Batman Action Figure, complete with vintage styling. The old gloves are here, with the original design being closely replicated for a new generation - minus the four decades of wear and tear. Order one for your bat-stash today!

Order one today for $24.99

Batman Retro Series 1 Batman Action Figure:

Welcome back to the World's Greatest Heroes Batman action figure!
Replica of his 1970s counterpart.
Batman action figure features cloth clothing, retro styling, and 16 points of articulation.

The Batman Retro Action Figures line showcases classic Batman characters in the Mego style. This Batman Retro Series 1 Batman Action Figure is a replica of the classic 1970s counterpart, right down to the cloth clothing and retro styling, and with 16 points of articulation, you can pose it in just about any heroic position! Measuring 8-inches tall, the Batman retro action figure comes in a reusable plastic protective case with a full-color backing card. Figure's cowl is not removable. Welcome him to your shelf or toy box today!

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