Yuki Morita Joins The Cast , State Of The Art Sound and Scared Canadians - A Godzilla Update

From Dread Central

In our never-ending quest to bring you every single bit of news possible regarding the now filming Legendary Pictures take on Godzilla, we have come up with three tidbits of news for you! Read on for details.

First up, we've gotten word that fresh-faced actress Yuki Morita (pictured) has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. She will be filming in Vancouver and Hawaii, which we can only speculate will be doubling for Japan. Interesting!

From there Screen Daily has dropped some news that the sound mix for the film is going to be state of the art! Dolby Atmos is designed to transmit up to 128 simultaneous and lossless audio channels and renders from 5.1 up to 64 discrete speaker feeds. That means the destruction and monstrous roars are going to be the likes of which we've never heard before.

And finally, remember those images and videos of nuclear weapons strapped to trains that we covered earlier? Apparently they've caused quite a stir in Canada for those not in the Godzilla know. According to the Nanaimo Daily News, citizens were concerned by the realistic locked and loaded look of the prop missiles. So much so that Canadian Forces spokesman Kevin Carle had to go on record stating the Canadian military doesn't have nuclear weapons. Yep. Ludicrous but true. Godzilla publicist Ernie Malik says the props were likely made in BC, as the entire film was expected to be shot in this province, and were used in one scene.


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