Star Trek Into Darkness: Will There Be A Sequel, And Who Should Make It?

From Cinemablend

Star Trek Into Darkness is a hit. Not a giant hit, and not the kind of thing that has studios calling all of their rivals and screaming "Suck it!" while guzzling champagne at 8 a.m. (at least , that's how we picture it), but a big enough hit all the same. Especially when you account for its huge improvement with global audiences, Star Trek Into Darkness has done well enough to keep the franchise alive. which means, inevitably, it's time to start talking about sequels. We were doing the same thing after the first Star Trek came out, but I think we can all acknowledge that speculation is a whole lot trickier now. The cast is committed to at least three films, but J.J. Abrams is now the x factor, running off to direct some other dinky sci-fi franchise and making no promises about how involved he'll be in Trek ...


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