Legendary Signs Godzilla Movie Tie-In Licensees

by Armand Vaquer

It appears the "hottest" news on the 2014 Legendary Pictures Godzilla movie is that licensees have been signed up for movie tie-in products. According to Licensing.biz:
Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) has signed master toy partner Bandai America Incorporated for 2014 movie Godzilla. 
Bandai will release action figures and play-sets inspired by the film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, which hits cinemas on May 16th next year. 
Additional licensees include NECA with gifts and novelties; Jakks Pacific with large scale figures; Bioworld with on-trend apparel; and Sideshow Collectibles with authentic statues. 
Hopefully, this time the U.S.-produced Godzilla will be a critical (especially with the fans) and financial success and the licensees aren't left "holding the bag" of unsold merchandise like the last time (i.e., with the Sony/Tri-Star disaster of 1998).  If they stray too much away from the look and actions of the Japanese Godzilla, there will likely be a repeat of the 1998 experience.

For this to work, Godzilla has to look and act like Godzilla, besides having a good script.

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  1. They have to put his eyes up front for more personality. Not on the side of his head.

  2. They also have to have good actors, a coherent plot, believable daikaiju opponents, and a realistic (for Godzilla) origin story.


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