Attn Ridley Scott: Katy Perry Would Like To Play Rachael In 'Blade Runner 2'

While "Blade Runner 2" is still a worrisome spectre on the horizon for fans of the original, gaining "Green Lantern" writer Michael Green to pen the screenplay this past spring, it's still so far away (Ridley Scott's next film is the Moses flick "Exodus") that it's mostly rumor and speculation that's going to drive news of the movie for the next little while. It will also given budding actors and actresses a chance to openly campaign for roles in the movie, and one starlet isn't missing an opportunity. Thespian and pop star Katy Perry would like to go sci-fi for "Blade Runner 2," and she hopes that her performances in "The Smurfs" saga will open the door. Really. "With films, I hope to win you all over with animation and then do other films," Perry told Metro. "I am really interested in comedy, and I would really love to play Rachael...



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