Godzilla: Returning to America

Coming in December 2013 
Pre-Order now and we'll deliver in December 2013 (estimated date / subject to change).
Item Number: BA91880EE

Price: $32.99

Godzilla: Returning to America

Fact: kids need Godzilla toys. Help them by ordering the Godzilla Wave 5 Collectible 6-Inch Action Figure Set, and keep one of the vinyl figures for yourself! King Caesar has exquisite detail, as does each soft version of Japan's King of the Monsters. Each figure has scaley skin and articulation, making them the perfect toys for kids or for your desk at work. If you don't have a toy Godzilla at work, trust me when I say you haven't yet lived. Don't miss this amazing trio!

Godzilla Wave 5 Collectible 6-Inch Action Figure Set:

Godzilla 6-inch action figures with articulation!
Millenium Godzilla from the 1999 movie!
First Godzilla just as you remembered him!
Collectible Godzilla action figures! Articulated Godzilla action figures invade your collection. This Godzilla Wave 5 Collectible 6-Inch Action Figure Set contains 3 individually packaged figures (subject to change):

1x Millenium Godzilla
1x First Godzilla
1x King Caesar

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