Bigfoots: It’s time to believe

The human race has learned to accept many things that are hard to swallow at first — the earth is indeed round, we revolve around the sun and, now, it is time to accept that bigfoot is an undeniable reality. First, the basics. You may be wondering just what this bigfoot creature is other than a giant fuzzy masterpiece. Well, what science can tell us is that the males are roughly 9 feet tall, with females standing closer to a dainty 7. They weigh around 800 pounds and have feet twice the size of an average man, or the same size as your average circus clown. The creature also appears to have a lot in common with the typical hipster — found mainly along the West Coast, they are nocturnal and eat mainly plants and berries, according to National Geographic. While these creatures were once the purview of myths and haphazard speculation, science has now taken a definitive stance on the issue. While some opponents of the creature claim that with modern technology it’s unlikely there are any undiscovered animals remaining, evidence begs to differ.


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