Today the Month of Monsters takes a relaxing train ride with Rasputin and Sasquatch ...

This film has the Orient Express, The Yeti, Zombies, Alien Possessions, Rasputin, Count Dooku, Grand Moff Tarkin, Kojak, and a big train wreck, what more could you ask for? - MIN

Horror Express was a Spanish production directed by Eugenio Martin. It was filmed in Madrid in the years 1971-1972, a low budget film ($300,000) with the luxury of having three familiar genre actors in the lead: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Telly Savalas. The film was co-produced by American filmwriter/producer Bernard Gordon, who had collaborated with Martin on the 1972 film Pancho Villa (which also featured Savalas in the title role). The filmmakers used both the miniature train and interior train set from Pancho Villa for Horror Express. The challenge was that they only had one set to be used as an interior train car. All of the scenes for each train car had to be shot at once, then the set would be rebuilt as the next car.

Securing Lee and Cushing was a coup for producer Gordon, since it lent a certain atmosphere reminiscent of Hammer Films, many of which starred both of the actors. However, when Cushing arrived in Madrid to begin work on the picture, he was still distraught over the recent death of his beloved wife, and announced to Gordon that he could not do the movie. With Gordon desperate over the idea of losing one of his important stars, Lee stepped in and put Cushing at ease simply by talking to him about some of their previous work together. Cushing changed his mind and stayed on.


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