Monster Worship exhibits kaiju art at F.O.E. Gallery in Northampton

From Mass Live

Everyone knows Godzilla. But if you want to meet some of his weirder friends and extended family, visit F.OE. Gallery in Northampton.

That's where an exhibit feature the kaiju artwork of Chad Rugola is now on display. Kaiju is the Japanese word meaning "strange creature" (or "monster") and is how beasts such as Godzilla and Mothra are described.

Rugola's company, Monster Worship, produces kaiju art in several formats, from vinyl toys to prints to apparel. Monster Worship is now in its fifth year of operation and has produced 12 unique vinyl toys in over 100 unique colorways. The exhibit runs through Jan. 5. Check out for additional information. F.O.E is at 114 Main St.

Rugola recently answered a few questions about his craft and interest in this form of art.


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