Ultraman book ban leads to outpouring of mockery

From The Malay Mail Online

The government’s ban on the book “Ultraman the Ultra Power” today invited a steady stream of ridicule from Malaysian internet users agape at the decision to exile the popular Japanese superhero.

“Ultraman” quickly became a trending topic on Twitter this evening as news began to surface that the comic book was banned by the Home Ministry for containing elements detrimental to public order, with Malaysians taking turns to poke fun at the decision.

“For goodness sake, what is this ban on #Ultraman? What’s next? Space Cop Gaban? Kesatria Baja Hitam? Why not Power Rangers too?” a user under the handle of @mfosa posted in response to the news.

Another user, @anthraxxxx, expressed support for the ban in apparent jest.

“I can understand KDN’s reason to ban Ultraman’s book. When Ultraman drops on a city fighting monsters, it will create chaos and destruction,” he wrote, using the Home Ministry’s Malay acronym.

Even Cabinet ministers were not beyond joining in the merriment.

“Apa salah Ultraman?” (What is wrong with UItraman?) @khairykj, the Twitter account of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin posted.


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