X-Men Favorite Wolverine To Be Killed By Marvel Comics

From MTV

Wolverine may be one of the most famous faces in Marvel's X-Men, but he's not going to survive the experience. In September, the comic book publisher will be killing off everyone's favorite angry mutant in a four-issue mini-series appropriately titled "Death of Wolverine."

As just revealed over at Entertainment Weekly, the series follows up on recent events in the character's life: he's lost his mutant healing factor, and over the summer will get involved in an arc called "3 Months To Die." The logical conclusion of that arc? Death.

The series will be written by Charles Soule, who currently works on a number of titles for the publisher including "She-Hulk" and the recently launched "Inhuman." It'll be drawn by Steve McNiven, who previously took on a decidedly different end for the Canuck when he worked with writer Mark Miller ("Kick-Ass") on "Old Man Logan." That series posited a future where pretty much every superhero had died, while Wolverine had taken a Clint Eastwood style vow of non-violence.

So how's Wolverine going to go out? It's unclear at this point, though Editor Mike Marts said that, "he finally comes up against an adversary he cannot win against, he cannot fight."


Sure ... just like how Superman and Spider-Man were killed! Oh, and Batman was to be replaced by the crazy Azrael guy.

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